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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Airwalk Reply

At Airwalk Reply two of our core values are Do the Right Thing and Bring Your Personality .

We try to embody these both as individuals and as a company. We have several initiatives that support and encourage these values ensuring Airwalk Reply is a fair and equitable place to work for everyone, regardless of their background.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) initiative at Airwalk Reply was started to ensure that everyone is represented fairly.

At Airwalk Reply we view each of the components as:

  • Diversity: Ensuring different perspectives are present within the organisation
  • Equity: Ensuring that practices and programs are impartial, fair and provide equal outcomes for everyone
  • Inclusion: Ensuring that everyone has a sense of belonging, feels comfortable and supported to be their authentic self

Do The Right Thing Bring Your Personality

Supporting our team

We believe that a focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is essential to ensure a happy and successful workplace.

  • Employee Morale: A strong DE&I presence can greatly benefit the morale of employees
  • Innovation: A diverse organisation at all levels breeds greater creativity
  • Company culture: Ensuring access to the same opportunities regardless of background

Since its inception this initiative has established a DE&I training programme, supported by our partner You Can Now , to ensure all our colleagues are aware of these key topics.

We are also holding several insightful events to help boost awareness across the organisation covering topics such as; Intersectionality, Imposter Syndrome, Benefits of Reverse-Mentoring and Addressing Unconscious Bias.

These are company-wide events that everyone is free to attend and we also engage with, promote and celebrate all cultures, through different initiatives such as our recent Cultural Pot Luck event.

Through the DE&I initiative, we intend to ensure that Airwalk Reply is a great place for all employees to develop and grow.

Investing in your future

Women’s Network

Our Women’s Network was established in February 2020, which aims to provide a community and support to the women at Airwalk Reply. Its purpose is to: 

  • Ensure that Airwalk Reply is a great place to work for women
  • Provide a community for the women of Airwalk Reply
  • Support women and girls outside of Airwalk Reply

We have held events for the women of Airwalk Reply to network and discuss the challenges that women can face in the workplace. We also highlight individual women and their experien ces. Meet Senior Consultant Nadiyah kabu , Engineer Sukanya Chatterjee and Project Manager Erin Hitchen

Since the inception of the Women’s Network, Airwalk Reply has been awarded as one of the UK's  Best Workplaces™ for Women .

Supporting our team

Airwalk Allies

Airwalk Allies is a support and discussion group, the idea being that we bring our geographically-dispersed team together to talk about sensitive topics and to enhance collaboration. In essence, replace the ‘water cooler conversations’ that one might have in an office.

Airwalk Allies is a group for all employees, with a monthly theme of something topical. This year Airwalk Allies has already held discussions and events, or plans to, on topics such as; Autism Awareness, Financial Worries, Women in Tech, World Refugee Day, Pride, Mental Health, Black History Month, Child Loss and Fertility, and Domestic Violence.

Buddies and Mentoring

At Airwalk Reply we also have Buddy and Mentorship schemes. These are two ways that we support each other as colleagues outside of standard line management.

  • The Buddy Scheme : helps new joiners to integrate within Airwalk Reply and feel part of the team.
  • Mentors : supporting colleagues to achieve their goals and develop their careers in line with their aspirations.  As well as providing support for personal life events that may not be work-related.

Airwalk Reply is proud to have been recognised as a  UK's Best Workplace™ , a  UK's Best Workplace™ for Wellbeing , and a  UK Best Workplace™ for Women

Airwalk Reply has signed a Mental Health at Work Commitment  to improve and support employees' mental health. 

Investing in your future

Investing in your future
Do the right thing
Corporate Social Value and Social Responsibility

Do the Right Thing

We ensure that Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Value is intrinsic to who we are, and what we deliver. Everyone at Airwalk Reply constantly operates with Do the Right Thing in mind to positively contribute to the underprivileged, our local communities, and our wider society.

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