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​​​​​​​ The challenge

Whilst digitisation is increasing opportunities to engage with customers, reduce cost and accelerate product delivery, it also has the potential to expose businesses to new areas of cyber security risk. Many of these could be previously unconsidered and currently unaddressed by cyber security teams, leading to multiple complex challenges that need to be overcome as part of any cloud programme:

  • The inherent open nature of public cloud environments
  • The challenge of designing and building secure cloud-hosted applications whilst leveraging modern development approaches and ways of working Challenge of designing and building secure applications
  • Maintaining holistic cloud security and continuous compliance on an ongoing basis
  • Dealing with the constant, fast pace of evolving, dynamic services in the cloud

How we can help

We know that the situations faced by every client are unique, and often require adherence to specific regulatory standards or controls. Our Cloud Security service is designed to help you address these issues and more by drawing on our wealth of multi-cloud security experience to provide bespoke solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

This is delivered through a modular approach, considering people, processes and technology. Modules include: 

  • Cloud Cyber Security Strategy -  strategic thinking for cloud environments, supported by other modules, such as provision of security architecture for your cloud environment
  • Controls Frameworks -  we’ll work with you to map out the required security controls for your environment. This can be supported by other modules if required, such as adding an automated continuous compliance capability
  • Cyber Security Assessments -  we’ll review your environment security posture and provide a report with prioritised recommendations for improvement. This can be enhanced by other modules such as security testing of infrastructure, apps, CICD pipelines, and staff using social engineering
  • Cyber Security Engineering and DevSecOps -  our team of experts will engineer and build security solutions in your environments for you. Complementary modules include comprehensive SIEM implementations 

To understand how Airwalk Reply’s expertise can help enable a safe and secure cloud journey for your organisation, please get in touch .

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