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The challenge

New technologies, such as cloud computing and automated testing, are heralded as the way to release new products and features much more quickly.

However, they are not a silver bullet. Releasing features quickly but reliably, without causing interruptions to service, risking security breaches or destabilising your platform requires a more comprehensive change to the way you work.

DevOps is not a single team. It is also important to understand that DevOps is not a tool you can buy, or a team you can hire or create, that stands alone and makes magic happen. DevOps is a combination of cultural change, collaborative processes and modern tooling that together bridge the gaps that exist within your organisation which have traditionally stifled collaboration and slowed down delivery.

How we can transform your organisation to DevOps

Our DevOps strategy, agile software development and transformation service is designed to guide you through this transition, while keeping your delivery goals in full focus.
The result is:

  • Accelerated release cycles
  • Improved quality, consistency and security through automation
  • ​​​​​​​

We use our significant experience of performing DevOps transformations in highly regulated environments to ensure that all security, compliance and regulatory commitments are enshrined in the new culture, processes and tooling.

DevOps Strategy and Transformation service key modules

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and DevOps Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of your current software development lifecycle and any existing DevOps practices.


Developing Working Practice transformation

Definition and implementation of modern, collaborative working practices.


Tooling selection and Implementation

Analysis and selection of appropriate services and tooling for your organisation, with implementation for maximum benefit.

Automated infrastructure

Introduction of automated infrastructure and environment provisioning within cloud platforms.


Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Definition of strategy for each of your products, creating pipelines and automation to build and deploy seamlessly, repeatably and securely to all of your environments.

Continuous Delivery within regulatory framework

Integration with existing regulatory or compliance requirements to create continuous delivery processes that work for your organisation.

Automated testing

Working with your development and testing teams to automate as much of your testing as possible.


Observability (logging and monitoring)

Implementation of automated, continuous observability for monitoring, logging, alerting and tracing.

Cost management and alerting

Implementation of cost management tools and processes to minimise operating costs.


Automated scaling, resilience and failover

Creation of high-availability services with automated failover between geographically isolated locations.

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