Airwalk Reply employees Race the Thames for London Youth Rowing Charity

From 24 January Airwalk Reply employees are beating the January blues by participating in the London Youth Rowing (LYR) Race the Thames virtual event. From home, the local gym, the office or by walking the dog, together as a team or apart; this event has no boundaries.

We have four teams of eight each seeking to row the length of the river - 346km, in just seven days!

Introducing our four teams:

  • Row Big or Row Home
  • This is How We Row
  • Oarwalk Rowply
  • Water-team of Talent

You can check out the leader board, view the virtual race map or sponsor our Airwalk Reply teams here.

01 Feb 2022 Update

Our four competing teams did an amazing job in completing the 346km that makes up the Thames, with Row Big or Row Home (380km) pipping Oarwalk Rowply to the post in terms of overall distance covered. That's How We Row (356.7km) and Water-team of Talent (346.4km) also did a wonderful job, especially as the latter only had six crew members, so each had a greater share of the work to do.

Overall our teams did a truly fantastic job of raising a great sum of almost £2,000, which included an additional donation from Airwalk Reply, for a brilliant cause which will make a massive impact in improving the lives of underprivileged children.


London Youth Rowing

Race The Thames is the annual fundraising event run by London Youth Rowing (LYR). LYR is a youth charity that uses rowing as a tool to inspire and empower young people across London and Leeds, as well as supporting other rowing organisations doing similar work across the country.

LYR selects the schools they work with by their poverty profile, meaning the vast majority will be on free school meals.  LYR helps those who are left on the side-lines in PE or those who are disconnected from sporting social groups and have low motivation. Rowing has the ability to reach those left out, and inspire them.  LYR empowers students with transferable skills (specifically problem solving, leadership, teamwork, aiming high, staying positive) using a recognised platform, to highlight their value.  The students can also end up with connections to explore work experience or apprenticeship opportunities. The ultimate aim is to help them to achieve their potential.