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Modern Digital Workplace

How we can help

Whether you are looking to create a modern greenfield IT service using the latest cloud services, or to modernise your existing service, Airwalk Reply has extensive experience in the design, build, hosting, service transition and managed service support for provision of modern cloud-based and cloud-native workplace services.

Our service helps clients to modernise their IT services.

We build customised solutions to meet our clients’ requirements. We use modern continuous delivery, and DevOps practices and tools so that the solution and ongoing management is automated, reducing cost and simplyfing management and maintenance.

Our delivery framework covers all aspects of IT service, from:

  • Desktop services (VDI & Physical)
  • User and device management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Secure application hosting
  • Secure networks
  • Print solutions
  • Observability
  • SIEM
  • Service management and self service

Automation is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Our expert engineers employ modern development practices with a focus on end-to-end automation and repeatability
  • Our service experts design and implement processes and automated integrations for request fulfilment.

Automation delivers a reduction in deployment times, standardisation and repeatability and a reduction in cost and risk.

Modern Digital Workplace Service modules


Service Design

Our structured approach to service design starts by taking an existing service and adjusting it to ensure it meets the needs of your users and customers, or to create a new service from scratch.


Solution Design

Review of existing service architectures, with assessment of technical viability and complexity of proposed migration, and recommendation for migration treatment.


Technology Selection

Analysis and selection of appropriate solutions, services and tooling for your organisation, with implementation for maximum benefit​.

DevOps Engineering

Expert Engineers employing modern development practices with a focus on end to end automation and repeatability.


Implementation Services

Our Cloud Migration service is a separate service available and is made up of multiple modules, allowing clients to select the elements that will add the most value to their organisation.


Observability Platform

Implementation of automated, continuous observability for monitoring, logging, alerting and tracing.

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