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Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner

Whether you are starting right at the beginning of your technology journey or you’re looking for a partner to help you optimise your current Microsoft architecture, we are here to help accelerate your transformation.

Airwalk Reply's Microsoft and Azure practice provide solutions and deployment blueprints to accelerate your adoption of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure services. 

Automation is at the heart of everything we do. We bring our own frameworks and development skills to ensure that the solution fits your needs precisely.

We help companies rapidly and reliably design and engineer solutions using Microsoft technologies. We take the time to map out a strategy and ensure it is the correct approach before helping shape the transformation. Our technical teams apply their expertise using our automation first approach while we accelerate delivery, quality and agility, exploiting the full potential of the cloud and automation.

Our Microsoft Services Include:

  • Modern Workplace Readiness: Evaluation and optimisation of organisational practices against secure, modern workplace standards. This service is ideal for enhancing efficiency and productivity by addressing issues such as security controls, regulatory alignment, operating costs, collaboration, and scalability within Microsoft environments.
  • M365 Tenant Configuration: Offering a 'secure-by-default' automated Microsoft Tenant, Workload, and Device Management configuration. This service will benefit organisations starting or already on their Microsoft 365 journey, particularly those concerned about their current security posture.
  • Azure Landing Zone Review, Optimisation, and Implementation: Provide reviews or proposals to improve Microsoft Azure landing zone designs and deployment mechanisms. This service ensures alignment with strategy, principles, and best practices, making it suitable for customers with little to no footprint in Azure or those concerned about their existing Azure setup.
  • Enhanced Azure Security Controls Defined and Deployed as Code: Enhance security for Azure services by defining and deploying security controls as code. This service targets organisations in highly regulated sectors, such as the public sector and financial services, who require a high level of security and compliance.
  • DevOps Assessment and Optimisation: Helps modernise working practices and tooling, accelerate release cycles, and integrate security with a focus on cultural transformation and automation. This service is great for customers starting or scaling their DevOps journey or those needing a strategy to see solid ROI from their DevOps practices.
  • AI Capabilities: Airwalk Reply is at the forefront when it comes to maximising benefit by successfully implementing Microsoft’s AI offerings such as OpenAI and Copilot. This service will ensure customers are keeping up to speed with the rapidly growing AI market and using it to its full potential.

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Why Airwalk Reply?

Airwalk Reply is a leading transformation consultancy in the UK, specialising in complex technology change programmes within regulated industries, such as the public sector and financial services. 
We focus on delivering business change through technology and hold expertise in several disciplines including:

  • Cloud Strategy, Migration and Optimisation
  • Technology Strategy and Execution
  • Digital Experience and Application Development
  • Solution Design
  • Engineering and Operations
  • Security and Compliance
  • Delivery Leadership and Execution


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For more than 15 years, Airwalk Reply has helped organisations successfully adopt Microsoft products and services to help them be more competitive and achieve their business goals. Long term customer satisfaction is our priority. 

We are proud to be recognised as a Microsoft Solutions Partner with:

  • 7 Solutions Partner Designations
  • 14 Specialisms
  • 5 Partner Programs
  • 800+ Certifications

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Microsoft Azure Security

SecDevOps on Microsoft Azure

  • We prioritise security as an integral part of our development and operational practices. By seamlessly integrating security throughout our DevOps lifecycle, we ensure robust protection for our Azure-based applications and services. This approach not only safeguards our Microsoft Azure environments but also enhances agility and efficiency, enabling us to deliver secure, high-quality solutions to our customers.

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure cloud migration, transformation and optimisation

  • We boast a team of seasoned experts who leverage their deep understanding of Microsoft Azure’s capabilities to architect and develop solutions that propel businesses forward. We prioritise precision and efficiency at every step of the journey. We empower businesses to not only migrate to Azure but to truly transform and optimise their operations, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage in today’s dynamic marketplace.


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​​​​​​​How do you ensure the solutions you provide align precisely with our organisation's needs?

​​​​​​​We ensure precise alignment with your organisation’s needs by conducting thorough assessments and collaborative workshops to understand the problem. We then design customised Microsoft Azure solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

How does automation play a role in your services, and how does it benefit clients?

Automation is integral to our services as a Microsoft Azure specialist, reducing manual tasks and enhancing efficiency for our clients. By leveraging automation tools and frameworks, we can automate manual tasks such as provisioning resources which results in faster time-to-market and cost savings for our clients.

How do you engage and partner with clients?

By fostering open communication channels, taking a collaborative approach and leveraging our expertise in Azure services, we establish trust and transparency with our clients from the onset. Through strategic partnerships, comprehensive training and ongoing assistance, we empower our clients to harness the full potential of Microsoft Azure.

Can you provide case studies or success stories showcasing your expertise in Microsoft technologies?

Yes, you can view some case studies below.

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