FinOps within a Multi-Cloud Environment 

The Client 

A large financial organisation based in the UK. 

The Challenge

The client had chosen to implement a multi-cloud strategy that utilises the services of the major cloud providers, selecting third-party FinOps tooling. However, they had not established clear processes and roles and responsibilities within their organisation, which could hinder their ability to fully realise the benefits of these tools.

The primary objective for the client was to achieve complete transparency over their cloud usage and prevent budget waste by cleaning up any unnecessary resources. There was also the aim to establish budgetary controls and allocate cloud spending efficiently across different teams and projects.

The Solution

To address the challenges faced by the client in managing their multi-cloud environment and optimising their cloud spending, several solutions were implemented. A clear operating model was established to define roles and responsibilities, establishing governance, and outlining decision-making processes for managing the multi-cloud environment. This would ensure that all stakeholders are aligned and accountable for achieving the desired outcomes.

The configuration of the selected third-party tooling, following FinOps best practices, was reviewed and refined as necessary to ensure that it was optimised for the client's specific needs. This involved configuring the tooling to align with the operating model. 

Dashboards and reports were created to provide the client with complete transparency over their cloud usage and spending. These dashboards and reports allow the client to track their cloud usage and spending in real-time, identifying areas where resources can be optimised or eliminated, and allocate spending across teams and projects more efficiently.

The Outcome

The implementation of the proposed solutions has resulted in several positive outcomes for the client.

A central cloud FinOps function has been established, which provides a unified view of the client's multi-cloud environment and enables efficient management of cloud usage and spending. This centralised function allows for better cost control and optimisation across the organisation, leading to significant savings.

Governance processes and an operating model have been established to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned and accountable for managing the multi-cloud environment effectively. This enables the client to make informed decisions about their cloud infrastructure, as well as provide transparency and accountability across the organisation.

The implementation of basic demand/forecasting capability has allowed the client to anticipate their cloud resource needs, optimise their usage, and reduce unnecessary spending. This capability enables the client to better plan for future usage and allocate resources more effectively across teams and projects.

Vendor contracts have also been renegotiated to ensure that the client is getting the best possible pricing and value from their cloud service providers. This has resulted in significant cost savings and more efficient resource allocation.


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