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Airwalk Airview

Giving you greater visibility, control and consistency over your technology estate

Your technology estate is made up of a multitude of disparate tools, applications, data and services. Teams within your organisation use different toolchains and documentation standards. It has become incredibly complex to obtain a reliable and actionable view of the current state of your cloud estate.

This significantly reduces one of the benefits of using modern approaches and the cloud, which is to ultimately promote innovation by empowering your development teams to build and deploy applications with minimal
friction and shift-left of security.

Airview Airwalk can help you to:

  • Operational excellence
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance efficiency
  • Cost optimisation

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How we can help

Airview brings together and provides a simple, live view of all your critical data and documentation from security, architecture, engineering, development and operations. It automates the collection and surfacing of non-compliance issues and facilitates informed decision making and action.

What is Airwalk Airview?

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Monitor your teams and your IT estate, and make decisions with accurate information

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Manage and develop your cloud estate more effectively with a structured approach

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Keep the multiple areas of your business (e.g. architecture, engineering, operational resilience, security) consistent in their delivery

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Save time with automated processes across your cloud estate and associated operating model

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Maximise your IT estate's effectiveness and security by taking meaningful action

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