A Modern Workplace


Airwalk Reply was selected as the lead technology implementation and delivery partner for a large government organisation. This has involved a greenfield design and build of its digital platform, built entirely on the Microsoft and Azure stack, whilst integrating with a host of other technologies, including AWS

The challenge

To support a multi-year, multi-billion-pound programme a new limited company was created. The company required a new digital service to be created within six months to facilitate its operations in a cost-effective manner, to support the onboarding of 3rd parties and contractors, and provide a flexible data-analytics platform for its 15+ year lifespan.

The solution

Acting as the design authority, we designed, built and operated a completely cloud-native digital service capable of supporting 1,000+ users. The solution leveraged Microsoft 365 and Azure services at the core and needed a high degree of data security.

By adopting increased end-to-end automation, we created a cost-effective and highly-secure service to support the programme. For service management, we utilised ServiceNow and support levels 1, 2 and 3. We implemented an end-to-end observability platform using Elastic to aggregate and normalise events from multiple sources for alerting and logging.

The outcome

The result was a secure, accredited and managed cloud-native digital platform and modern-client IT solution, comprising all workplace services (identity management, SOC, unified communications, collaboration, information management, print) delivered for the first phase of 750 users within the tight deadline.