Migration from On-Premise to Microsoft Azure


National public utility organisation


The client migrated from on-premise to Microsoft Azure. This was planned as a lift-and-shift migration to quickly exit their existing data centres and provide a similar experience and technology stack within the cloud. Before their transformation phase, they wanted to gain insight into aligning with Microsoft cloud best practices.


Airwalk Reply carried out a three-stage audit on the key aspects of the migration that included discovery, analysis and recommendations. We assessed areas common within the Cloud Adoption Framework, Well-Architected Framework, and the Azure landing zone. These areas included resource governance and organisation, networking, security, identity and access management along with covering deeper technical issues within resource configuration and designing for modern applications. Within the application assessment, we reviewed reliability, including disaster recovery scenarios highlighting key differences when moving to the cloud; security, assessing where new and emerging threats could cause issues and how to protect against them; operational excellence and performance so that day-to-day running can be optimised for each workload.


The findings were presented back to the client. These included several recommendations assigned from high to low, allowing them to address key issues in priority order. Both platform and application assessments explained best practices, their importance, and the route to improvement. Each area was explained in detail to provide guidance within each assessment area. We are now moving to work with the client to transform their business and adopt cloud-native architecture.


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