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Airwalk Reply turned 10 recently. As we approached that milestone, we found ourselves reflecting on what we had achieved so far and planning how we would take the business to the next level.

As a consultancy, we are a people business. Our team and their collective expertise are our product. There is nothing more important to us than creating a culture that makes great people want to come and work here.

To preserve the best bits of Airwalk Reply as we grew, we wanted to uncover the behaviours, beliefs and processes that had made us successful, and make sure that those were properly reflected in our core values.

Supporting our team

Re-imagining our values

We always knew we would involve the whole company in developing our new set of values.

We were clear that this was never about sticking a new set of buzzwords on the wall. This was about uncovering what our culture already was, turning that into a set of values and behaviours that we think will help preserve that culture, and aligning the whole busines around them.

We wanted to know what our employees experience of working here was. How did they feel about Airwalk Reply, the work we do, the future and their colleagues? And importantly, what sort of Airwalk Reply would they be proud to work in as we grow?

Supporting our team

Investing in your future

Our values

The power of good values comes from the alignment of the organisation around those values, not from the actual values themselves. On their own these values don’t drive action and each of them will mean something different to different people.

So, we also developed several sub-values. These are behaviour statements – the bits that define how the main values might be lived out day to day.

They aren’t exhaustive, but they seek to clarify what each value means to us at Airwalk Reply and to provide some examples of what they mean day to day. They remove ambiguity.

We are absolutely clear that these values are a two-way deal. They set out the behaviours that we expect to see in our team, but they also require us as a business to keep demonstrating how we are living up to them.

Investing in your future

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