Unlock up to £380,000 of AWS MAP funding with Airwalk Reply

To help clients offset the cost of migration to Amazon's public cloud platform, AWS have partner initiatives which they have recently improved. Airwalk Reply is therefore now able to help clients unlock funding of up to £380,000.

The AWS Premier Consulting Partner is able to work closely with customers to assist them in gaining funds through the AWS Migration Acceleration Programme (MAP) initiative. Through proven methodology, tooling, training and incentives, Airwalk Reply can help reduce risk and costs associated with migrating to the cloud, bringing about a strong operational foundation. 

This budget can be used in a number of ways, including helping to develop a robust business case to ensure stakeholders buy-in, plus setting up landing zones, operating models and pilot migrations. Combined with Airwalk Reply's significant expertise in cloud migration, the company is well-placed to help automate and accelerate the migration and modernisation of clients' infrastructure.

To find out more information about AWS MAP Funding and how Airwalk Reply can help, click below to view the datasheet.