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Podcast: The Big Questions on AI Part Two

Presenting The Big Questions in Tech, an Airwalk Reply podcast, for expert insights on crucial tech topics.

Each episode offers actionable insights for IT leaders and tech enthusiasts, from AI's business impact to cybersecurity trends. Join us to unravel innovation mysteries, explore groundbreaking advancements and decode modern tech complexities. Tune in for an engaging journey into technological education. Hosted by Airwalk Reply Partner Alex Hammond

The Big Questions on AI: Part Two 

Get ready for an enlightening journey into the realm of AI with Airwalk Reply. Our new podcast series kicks off with an exploration of the transformative power of AI, unravelling its mysteries and dissecting its global impact. Not watched Part One yet? Catch it here

In Part Two the essential questions surrounding AI implementation are explored. The discussion covers the baseline elements required for effective AI, the necessity of cloud infrastructure, and whether organisations are meeting ethical standards. The crucial topic of energy consumption and the available support for navigating these challenges are also addressed. Finally, the steps companies are taking to achieve success in their AI journeys are outlined. Tune in for expert insights from guests Abi Wareing and Rob Ellison, leaders in the AI field. 

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