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2023 Top Business Priorities for UK IT Leaders

Financial services firms are balancing the need to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

What are your top business priorities? 

IDC Top Business Priorities for IT Leaders

Despite concerns about the economic outlook, few financial services firms are prioritising cost reductions this year. Investing for efficiency and improved customer experience are the priorities. 

The financial services industry has learnt it must continue to transform during a downturn

Financial services IT leaders must persist with change programmes

Doing more with less

Maintaining change with constrained budgets means a more rigorous approach to programme management is required to direct investment to where it will have the greatest impact. 

Programme Management and Optimisation Tools.

Transformation must be sustained to meet the changing needs of customers and reduce the cost of legacy systems. Directing investment towards the most impactful transformation initiatives can enable growth despite an economic downturn and put firms in pole position for the recovery.

To learn more about the tools and techniques that can help you sustain your transformation, do reach out for a discussion

Alternatively read our latest report in conjunction with AWS and IDC, How to Sustain IT Transformation During a Downturn: A Strategic Approach to Value Creation and Delivery Download report
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