Our Chess Set Donation to London Primary School

In March 2023, Airwalk Reply teamed up with St. Barnabas C of E Primary School, near Reply’s London office in Victoria, to donate ten chess sets.  

After liaising with the organisation’s Head of School, Miss Castle, we decided to donate the chess sets to kick-start an extra-curricular Chess Club. According to research, chess helps boost cognitive skills including analysis, creativity, critical thinking, decoding and problem-solving - all essential to being a successful consultant. 
Airwalk Reply's Verity Fletcher and Adrian Sykes joined Zakariya Umerria (9), Maryann (11), Yusra (11) and Abubakr (10), who all showed great enthusiasm to learn and start playing chess.  

The initiative supports our Do the Right Thing Social and Community pledge and furthers our aim for Social Value Quality Mark CIC Level Two at the end of this year. In empowering local communities to thrive by supporting local institutions, Airwalk Reply continues to Do the Right Thing.

Do the Right Thing is one of our core values, and also the name of our Social Value (SV) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. Learn more