Delivery Methodology Refresh

The Client

Our client is a global technology company with a payment network connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories

The challenge

Our client was concerned with the robustness, consistency of use and effectiveness of their existing delivery methodology and supporting artefacts when reviewed against global and industry best practices, future clients and competitors.

The existing legacy delivery methodology had evolved piecemeal over recent years and was inconsistent across the organisation following a recent merger.

The solution

Airwalk Reply reviewed and aligned all existing processes supporting artefacts to our delivery management framework, outlining changes made and rationale, whilst developing new artefacts where required.

We designed and delivered a new quality assurance process/cycle to ensure continuous improvement and produced a comprehensive end-of-assignment report, outlining our key findings and recommendations

The outcome

All artefacts aligned with global best practices i.e. Prince2. Airwalk Reply completed this action within 48 working days.

All of our findings and recommendations were agreed, planned and transferred to the existing client team to implement.

Our handover to the client included an updated, centralised repository detailing information such as; product number, version number, description, owner, location of document and date of next review