Cloud security solution design


Bravura Solutions is a leading global provider of software solutions and services for the administration of wealth management and investment funds.


Bravura were in the midst of design and contractual discussions with an existing client for a wealth management platform service, which included as a key component the delivery of a cloud-based platform.

Following an initial high-level design phase, Bravura asked Airwalk Reply to provide, through their expertise within cloud security, assistance in the development of this design, with Airwalk Reply providing experts within multiple areas with a view to advancing the solution design and providing recommendations for enhancements, changes or considerations for subsequent delivery and operations.


Airwalk Reply provided inputs to the solution design with a specific focus on security, as well as recommendations for improving and enhancing security of the solution and for other elements of design, delivery and operational considerations.


External validation of Bravura’s solution architecture and security design allowing the commercial teams to structure their multiyear wealth management platform negotiations with confidence, backed by Airwalk Reply’s financial services and cloud expertise.