Airwalk Reply Leadership Academy Programme - Student Leadership Course

As part of Airwalk Reply's continuous efforts to Do the Right Thing (one of our company values), we teamed up with the British School of Coaching to deliver a four-day leadership course to Sixth Formers at Oldham Sixth Form College.

Airwalk Reply Leadership Student ProgrammeThe course formed part of the 18-month Airwalk Reply Leadership Academy programme and led to all 15 participants passing the ILM Level 2 Young Leaders Award, gaining a valuable certification that will support them in their onward education and career pathways.

It was fantastic to work with such a tremendous group of students who showed brilliant initiative, commitment and passion over the course of the week and a real privilege to be able to fund the course and know that we are supporting these very deserving and talented young men and women in their development. Huge thanks to Virginia Raymond and Diane Thompson from British School of Coaching for their expert leadership of what was a fascinating course, it had a deep impact on the students.

One of the participants, Saba Jawaid. said,

“This week I have finished the ILM Young Leaders Award with 14 of my peers in an exclusive program hosted by Airwalk Reply and taught to us by Virginia Raymond and Diane Thompson from British School of Coaching and I couldn’t have had a more unique and positive experience!

We learnt in the first half of the program about self-leadership, personal leadership and the importance of believing in yourself and who you are as your own leader - before moving on to working on team participation - a true leader doesn’t always stand at the fore of the team, but rather within the team. We then learnt about how to lead others effectively. We focused on the importance of effective communication and how productivity and efficiency go hand-in-hand, as well as the significance of having the ability to actively listen to others and act upon praise as well as constructive feedback and how to handle it gracefully!

Over the four days of the course, we completed many, varying activities that focused on team building and team leadership (which I thoroughly enjoyed!) before ending with a presentation on 'empowering the next generation of leaders'. It was so great to receive positive feedback from my peers, in relation to my group’s presentation.

I want to specifically thank Alasdair Robertson, Airwalk Reply and Kevin Reece from Oldham Sixth Form College for organising the course and allowing me the chance to take part in such an exclusive and remarkable event, as well as Diane Thompson and Virginia Raymond with British School of Coaching for sharing valuable, precious and timeless advice, and care, that I will carry through with me for the rest of my career!”

Do the Right Thing is one of our core values, and also the name of our Social Value (SV) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. Learn more