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Traditionally, call centres have relied on Contact Centre Systems primarily focused on voice interactions, using basic prompts and simple voice recognition. However, with the recent advancements in Generative AI, there's an opportunity to reimagine the customer experience and contact flow. Airwalk Reply's AI-enabled Contact Centre solution leverages the power, elasticity, and availability of the cloud to revolutionise customer interactions, offering a more dynamic and efficient approach.

Why Airwalk Reply

Airwalk Reply’s extensive cloud computing experience and DevOps expertise make us a recognised leader in utilising innovative AI technologies.

Our team of Architects and Engineers have a wealth of deep and broad expertise in designing, building, and operating modern, leading-edge technologies and enterprise-class solutions.

  • At Airwalk Reply, we excel in agile delivery and leadership, navigating complex issues in environments where technology meets evolving customer needs within regulatory, compliance, security, and resource constraints. Our dedicated team is committed to empowering businesses with a tailored and transformative approach, ensuring they leverage the full benefits of AWS Connect to enhance customer service experience and Contact Centre capabilities.

Our specialists can leverage AWS Connect to harness the capabilities of natural language processing, semantic search, and AI agents. With these tools, we can construct a state-of-the-art omnichannel Contact Centre that:

  • Is more available, scalable and with a lower cost than traditional systems.
  • Brings together all customer engagements into a single platform.
  • Has a better customer experience - with multiple, consistent channels (i.e. voice, video, chat, email)
  • Reduces cost by minimising the human handoffs - shifting left of automation.
  • Enables the human agents to be more effective by being the "expert behind the scenes" - presenting agents with the right information at the right time.
  • Enables management to get real-time sentiment analysis on the performance of the company, agents, and the products that customers contact about - enabling rapid response to immediate issues.
  • Enables secure customer authentication via an AI-enabled voice ID system, subject to customer consent.

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About You

Airwalk Reply’s AI-enabled Contact Centre solution is designed for organisations engaging in customer conversations across various channels, catering to the needs of Contact Centre management, customer service representatives, IT decision-makers, and business owners.

This comprehensive solution strategically addresses unique email, chat, voice, and video requirements. The primary objective is to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the customer experience while achieving cost savings for the business.

  • Customer interactions are critically important. The levels of interaction with the customer-facing teams can make or damage a company's reputation.
  • Getting the right response information is difficult for a human without experience and training. This leads to a negative perception of call centre staff.
  • Contact Centre agents are expensive, need training and are inherently difficult to scale quickly. This leads to long wait times for customers in periods of crisis or other peaks.
  • It is difficult to measure call sentiment without listening to all interactions. This misses opportunities to fix issues before they cause impact.

Our Solution

Airwalk Reply offers an AI-powered Contact Centre solution that brings numerous business benefits. This solution seamlessly integrates with AWS Connect, optimises resource usage, and easily works with various AWS services for advanced AI and data capabilities.

By automating tasks, skilled agents can focus on high-value work, positioning your business as a leader with improved customer interactions and a robust technological infrastructure.

Your company can lead in innovation through modern DevOps practices and AWS Connect's serverless architecture, ensuring scalability, flexibility, and exceptional customer experiences.

AI-driven analytics in AWS Connect simplify performance tracking and improvement, allowing swift resolution of customer experience issues. These can be personised through data utilisation and improved visibility of agent performance and Contact Centre operations.

Real-time insights from customer interactions enable quick adjustments to coaching and staffing, leading to ongoing enhancements in customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and Contact Centre efficiency.

Powered by AWS Connect, the Airwalk Reply solution delivers a unified omnichannel experience, offering intuitive self-service options and proactive customer engagement across multiple channels.

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Understanding AWS Connectand its feature set

Exploring AWS Connect and its wide range of features provides businesses with valuable insights into improving their customer contact centre operations, as illustrated by the examples below:

Customer interaction with a consistent experience via:
  • Email
  • Web chat
  • SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc
  • Voice
  • Video
  • And anything else!
Your company's data, processes, and systems are used to train AI in creating "Expert Agents to:
  • Respond to customers autonomously
  • Propose responses to customers (where the response may be sensitive)
  • Assist human agents by being the expert supervisor over their shoulder
Real-time analytics to highlight trends or anomalies in the contact flows including:
  • Understanding every interaction - analysing intent, meaning and sentiment
  • Highlighting trending issues in real-time - including issues with customers (i.e. disgruntled customers), agents, and products.
  • Adjusting for real-time issues - i.e. routing customers to retention or troubleshooting teams.
Leveraging AWS Connect
  • Serverless - A Cloud Platform Service with massive scalability and leading availability; with no systems to maintain.
  • Leverage AWS Services - Leverage the full suite of market-leading AWS Services to augment the solution to a serverless architecture, providing high availability without the need for system maintenance
  • DevOps Aligned - Designed and built from the ground up using modern, best-practice DevOps and DevSecOps practices to enable robust deployments and feature upgrades and changes to minimise downtime.

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  • Contact Centre experiences can be enhanced with the use of generative AI, which has recently achieved the maturity and coherence level for such application. Meshing GenAI with Cloud platforms such as Vector databases, Machine Learning, and Data Platforms can put all your business information in the hands of an ‘Expert Agent’ who can assist your customers better than a human.
  • Airwalk Reply is an expert in Cloud Native infrastructures and development. We can design and build massively scalable solutions that integrate the Contact Centre with your systems and processes (i.e. CRM, ITSMS, Knowledge Systems)
  • We have built contact systems for the world’s largest customers, adhering to stringent security requirements in many cases.
Our deployment methodology
  • 1. Assessment and Readiness: Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your existing contact centre operations and technology infrastructure to determine the readiness for AI integration.
  • 2. Technology Integration: Collaborate with AI solution AWS Connect to seamlessly integrate AI capabilities into your existing contact centre framework, ensuring compatibility and minimal disruption.
  • 3. Agent Training: Provide thorough training for agents to familiarise them with the new AI tools, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • 4. Testing and Quality Assurance: Conduct extensive testing of AI-enabled features to ensure functionality, security, and performance meet the desired standards.
  • 5. Phased Deployment: Implement a phased deployment strategy to gradually introduce AI features, allowing real-time monitoring, adjustment, and issue resolution.

Airwalk Reply’s AI-powered Contact Centre proposition combines state-of-the-art Generative AI with AWS Connect, creating a more intelligent platform. With AWS Connect’s strong infrastructure and scalability, Airwalk can deploy advanced AI features like natural language processing and contextual search across email, chat, voice, and video channels. This ensures a consistent, personalised customer service experience backed by AWS Connect's reliability and AWS’s wide range of services.

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